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Toys, vinyl records, musical instruments, Asian & Tribal Art, pictures & paintings, books, ephemera & stamps
Venue address
The Stroud Auction Room
Ebley Road
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
GL10 2LN
United Kingdom
Toys, vinyl records, musical instruments, Asian & Tribal Art, pictures & paintings, books, ephemera & stamps

Further entries invited until 01/12/23

Auction dates
Jan 10, 2024 10:00 AM GMT
Lots: 1-721
Jan 11, 2024 10:00 AM GMT
Lots: 1000-End
Viewing dates
Jan 09, 2024 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM GMT
Jan 10, 2024 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT
Jan 11, 2024 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT
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There are 1373 lots within this auction
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Nicole Freres late 19th century 12 air (two per turn) rosewood and kingwood inlaid cased bells, drum
1,800 GBP
Paillard Vaucher Fils Ste Croix late 19th century eight air rosewood and marquetry inlaid cased
750 GBP
H Y Potter & Co six-key military flute stamped 'H.Y. Potter & Co. 35 West Charing Cross London',
110 GBP
Roessler three piece tenor recorder, in original fitted box
48 GBP
Hopf Renaissance bass recorder in the key of F, in lockable hard case
60 GBP
Selection of harmonicas including Chromica 270, Druna, Hohner, Weltmeister Vermonu, Bandmaster
90 GBP
French horn by Anborg of Como, Italy supplied by Paxman, in hard case
160 GBP
Hawkes & Son XX Century alto saxophone engraved Hawkes & Son makers, Denmark Street, Piccadilly
220 GBP
Scandalli 120 bass piano accordion with master and clarinet couplers, finished in ivory pearloid
40 GBP
Royal Standard Montana 21 key accordion in red pearloid finish, with hard case
30 GBP
Oscar Schmidt Menzenhauer guitar zither with ebonised finish and ornate gilt decoration, in wooden
50 - 80 GBP
Thirty six string dulcimer or zither with tuning key and hammers, length 95cm, in original box
110 GBP
Twenty two string harp with carved decoration and painted Celtic pattern, height 91cm, in soft carry
100 GBP
Unnamed 19th century violin with 35.5cm single piece back, in fitted case with bow
100 - 150 GBP
19th century violin labelled 'Jacobus Stainer in Absam Prope Oenipontum 1776', with 35.2cm two piece
400 - 500 GBP
Early 20th century violin labelled 'Berini', with 33.4cm two piece back, in hard case with bow
30 GBP
Andreas Zeller violin with 36cm two piece back, labelled 'Made in the Workshops of Andreas Zeller
30 GBP
20th century violin with bridge marked 'Aubert A Mirecourt', with 34.5cm single piece back, in
300 GBP
1924 Aeona violin labelled 'Koch & Sterzel A.=G. Dresden 1924 Aeona #I/524 nach Prof F J Koch W Z
800 - 1,400 GBP
Unnamed 19th century cello with 76cm two piece back and related bow
150 GBP
Unnamed 19th century eight string rosewood mandolin with inlaid decoration, in hard case
30 GBP
Santana eight string electro-acoustic mandolin with mother of pearl, faux ivory and engraved
35 GBP
German five string banjo with inlaid mahogany neck, rosewood back and mother of pearl fretwork,
70 GBP
Takamine EG530SC electro-acoustic guitar with abalone inlay and faux ivory decoration
35 GBP
Aria LW-18 acoustic guitar with faux ivory decoration, serial no. 07081, made in Japan, in hard
60 GBP
Stretton Payne Spabacen electro-acoustic bass guitar with faux ivory and line inlaid decoration
40 GBP
Ventura bass guitar and three guitar amplifiers comprising G10 Mk.II, Fender 15G and Marshall MG
60 GBP
1963 Hofner Verithin electric guitar in cherry red, fitted with Bigsby style tremelo arm, serial
550 GBP
Ibanez AS-50 semi-acoustic guitar with Gibson 335 style body and tobacco sunburst finish, serial
550 GBP
Encore Stratocaster style left handed electric guitar with black and white body, in soft case
22 GBP
Antonia Telstar left handed electric guitar with cream and black body
42 GBP
Westone Paduak II electric guitar in natural wood finish with right handed double cutaway, made in
320 GBP
Marshall Master Lead Combo guitar amplifier, made in England, serial no. A12607
65 GBP
A pair of Laney CP-12 active floor monitor wedge speakers, H37 x D50 x W58cm
40 GBP
A pair of Tangent TM1 hifi speakers
35 GBP
A pair of Acoustic Research AR38s hifi speakers
50 GBP
A pair of Monitor Audio 200 Silver 200 hifi speakers in dark oak, serial 101070, H89 x D24 x W6.5cm
280 GBP
REL Acoustics Q200E home cinema bass subwoofer, serial no. Q309641, height 30cm
25 GBP
A pair of Cambridge Audio Minx Min 12 satellite speakers, in original boxes and a pair of Mission
65 GBP
KEF T Series T301 speakers together with T301C centre bar and T101 satellites, some in original
130 GBP
Sony Walkman WM-22 stereo cassette player, in original box with headphones and instruction manual
110 GBP
Technics separates hifi stereo system comprising SL-J300R direct drive turntable, ST-880L stereo
240 GBP
Yamaha Hi-Fi separates comprising CDX-530E CD player, KX-250 cassette deck and RX-330 stereo
50 GBP
Yamaha RX-A680 AV receiver with remote control and original box
120 GBP
Yamaha RX-S600 AV receiver with remote control, antenna, instruction manual and original box
110 GBP
Yamaha RX-V581 AV receiver with remote control, antenna, instruction manual and original box
110 GBP
Two Denon CD receivers comprising RCD-M39DAB and RCD-M41DAB, with one remote control and power
85 GBP
Denon DCD-600NE CD player with remote control, instruction manual and original box
75 GBP
Denon PMA-720AE integrated amplifier with remote control, instruction manual and original box
90 GBP
Pioneer stereo receiver model SX-535, and a Pioneer turntable / record player model PL-120
120 GBP
Teac LP-R400 multi music player / CD recorder, and a Monitor Audio Wi/Fi/DAB/FM radio system
42 GBP
Rega Planer One P1 turntable / record player
120 GBP
Technics SL-1200GR direct drive turntable / record player, with Perspex cover, power lead, slipmat
520 GBP
Classical - Approximately 80 box sets
110 GBP
Classical - Approximately 50 box sets
400 GBP
Classical - Approximately 140 albums
200 GBP
Classical - Approximately 140 albums
220 GBP
Classical - Approximately 100 albums and 10 box sets
160 GBP